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How Would You Transform Your Audit Team Into Data Leaders?
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May 16 - 19, 2022 - Online Virtual Event

What is the Transform Your Audit Summit?

Data analytics is recognized today as being essential for making business decisions. 

Decisions are also made using data, by governments, institutions and non-profit organizations.

If we are in business, the stakeholders are the shareholders, but also the employees, that want the company to grow and succeed, rather than fall apart, due to a major fraud scandal or corrupt practice that leads the company to generate losses.

If we are a member of the public, we want the decisions to improve general wellbeing and use tax-payer money efficiently.

The role of the auditor is to serve these stakeholders, to make sure that decisions made are within their interests. Since those decisions tend to be based on data, the auditor needs to be able to: 1/ Check the data is complete and accurate. 2/ Check the data is interpreted correctly.

If the auditor cannot do these checks, then they will fail to safeguard their stakeholders.

Today, employees in finance, accounting, marketing, and other areas are all picking up data skills. However, internal audit is often lagging behind, despite recommendations from the IAASB, such as the ISA 240 that states the auditors' responsibility for detecting fraud, or the IIA Chief Executive Dr. Ian Peters MBE, who states in 2017, the following reason for using data analytics in their article: Data Analytics Is It Time To Take The First Step: "Increased effectiveness. Analytics allows for whole population testing instead of random or judgmental sampling, as well as enabling continuous auditing so that internal audit and the business can pick up on emerging trends and themes and be more nimble with their risk monitoring;".

How would you transform your auditors into Data Leaders? Join our summit to learn from experts about what they would do to transform their audit team. You can also pick up the tools that they use or have developed that they feel are essential for this goal.

Say Hello To Our Guest Speakers...
Dr. Rainer Lenz
Chief Audit Executive, SAF-Holland SE
Hal Garyn
Internal Audit / Risk Management 
Richard Evans
Director, Audit and Attestation Services
Robert Berry
Audit Trainer & Keynote Speaker
Trent Russell
Host of The Audit Podcast
Dr Joe Perez
Senior Systems Analyst & Certified IT Professional
Nicola Osinaike
Data Analytics Trainer
Tracie Marquardt
Global Internal Audit Communication Specialist
Ann Butera
Creator of the Critical Linkage™, Risk, and Control Mental Models™
Kelly Paxton
Fraud connector, Author, Podcast Host
Joe Oringel
Managing Director, Visual Risk IQ, Visual Risk IQ,
Tony Ridley
Security, risk & management sciences
Norman Marks
Risk management and internal audit thought leader
Alaba Awolaja
Internal Audit Thought Leader
Cosmin Serbanescu
Risk, control and governance, National Institute of Internal Control
Joseph Horowitz
Director of Compliance & Audit
Waleed Abdelraouf
Senior Manager – Internal Audit & Operations Control, Automotive Organization in Middle East
Madhusudan Magaji
Chartered Accountant, Associated British Food
Tom Fox
Founder of The Compliance Podcast Network
Galina Guidry
Risk Management, FCPA Audits, Cybersecurity
Kevin Khaleel
Senior Manager - Internal Audit and Data Analytics, PVH Crop.
Susan Walsh
The Classification Guru 
Leah Wietholter
CEO, Data Sleuth, Certified Fraud Examiner
Charles Joseph  
VP, Chief Audit & Risk Executive
Doug Anderson
Risk, governance, and finance
Amanda 'Jo' Erven
Ethics, Audit, Personal Development

Mounim Zaghloul
Executive Partner
James Taylor
Head of IT Audit at AmerisourceBergen
David Moskowitz
Data Analytics Lead and Head of Analytics Steering Committee, Global Internal Audit - Crane Co. 
Alexander Ruehle
Thought leader for transforming finance, audit, and compliance
Jason Mefford
Edutainer & Executive Coach & Podcast Host
Rodolpho Lopes
Data Analytics - Audit Manager, British American Tobacco
Eduardo Person Pardini
Speaker, Advisor and Audit Committee Member
Neil MacDonald
Operations Director at TECHNOLOGY4BUSINESS LTD
Kyle Pott
Sr. Managing Partner & COO at Decise
See All the Summit Sessions
All interviews each day will go live at 8am eastern standard time (New York City).
May 16th

  • Ann Butera

  • Alaba Awolaja

  • Norman Marks

  • Tony Ridley

  • Eduardo Person Pardini

  • Susan Walsh

  • Amanda Erven

  • Tracie Marquardt

  • Cosmin Serbanescu

  • Rodolpho Lopes
  • Alexander Ruehle
  • Neil MacDonald
May 17th

  • Dr. Rainer Lenz

  • Hal Garyn

  • Trent Russell

  • Nicola Osinaike

  • Robert Berry

  • Joseph Horowitz

  • Joe Oringel

  • Tom Fox

  • Kelly Paxton

  • Mounim Zaghloul
  • Kyle Pott
May 18th

  • Richard Evans

  • Dr Joe Perez

  • Waleed Abdelraouf

  • Madhusudan Magaji

  • Kevin Khaleel

  • Leah Wietholter

  • Galina Guidry

  • Doug Anderson

  • Jason Mefford

  • Charles Joseph
  • James Taylor
  • David Moskowitz
Here Is How the summit is going to work...

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When does it all go down?

The dates of the summit are Monday 16th May till Thursday 19th May. The interviews per day will only be available for 24 hours before they are removed... unless you upgrade your ticket, where you will receive lifetime access to all videos (as well as some very exciting bonuses).
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Claire spent 10 years working for Deloitte, managing the data analytics team. In 2010, she created Aufinia. Aufinia has worked for 50 different companies that use SAP over the years. Today, a lot of their work is for MNCs using SAP who are based in Europe, APAC and the US. Aufinia also works for some major retail companies based in China. 

Claire is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified ACL Data Analyst (ACDA). Aufinia is a global OEM partner with QLIK. Claire has a Masters in IT from University College London, as well as a Bachelors in Biochemistry.

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