Lead your team to data analytics
Benefit from 20 years' experience in data analytics for various MNC companies around the world, from Morocco to the UK, to France to Tokyo

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Why do data analytics?
Learn why your Group and job are at risk if you are not doing data analytics. Understand the 10 reasons why data analytics is so important for internal audit, internal control and finance. Learn how to build the case for data analytics in your Group.
What are the must-have data analytics?
The most common data analytics tests that everyone is doing for each business process: financial reporting, purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, inventory, fixed assets, human resources and user access management.
How to set-up and run a data analytics project
Get the Blue Print for setting-up and running a data analytics project. From necessary resources, tool comparisons, through to change management.
Bridge the gap: SAP vs process/ accounting knowledge
If you can't visualize how data flows through your company you are not alone. However, this background knowledge is extremely valuable when managing data analytics projects.
Which data visualization for which purpose?
Understand how each type of data visualization should be used, from the Waterfall for negative margin analysis to the scatter diagram for employee expenses.
How can you get data from SAP?
What are the best ways to get data out of SAP? Which different tools exist and how much do they cost? How can you get round IT barriers? Which tables and fields do you need for which visualizations?
How do you get people using data visualisations?
Discover the data analytics Change Management framework, that will ensure you are able to successfully change the habits of those in your organisation from sampling to intelligent data analysis.
Integrating non-SAP data into your data analytics visualizations
Do you have ghost employees in your company? Is your bank reconciliation correct? Learn how to incorporate non-SAP data into your data visualizations.
Benefit from 20 years' experience in data analytics
Our training is run by our founder Claire Worledge who has over 20 years experience doing data analytics for SAP, including 10 years at Deloitte and 10 years helping internal auditors and internal controllers at various MNCs.
Training is running in the following time zones: Europe, APAC and America.
You will pick up the skills that will help you to succeed in transforming your internal audit/ internal control or finance department from sample/ Powerpoint-based teams to those that are able to use Data Visualization to identify risks and errors in huge data sets throughout your Group.
Each training course is 4 hours long, from 2pm – 6pm in APAC and America and 8am – 12pm in Europe.
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