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Would you like to fast-forward your SAP data analytics with AuditZoom, 300 must-have analytics for SAP dashboards, powered by QLIK?

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From: Claire Worledge, Managing director at Aufinia

Wanna get a head start by starting with 300 basic dashboards that you can build on?

Get our tool today called AuditZoom and on this platform, you will get access to get one dashboard for each of the 300 data analytics. The platform is pre-filled with dummy data from our SAP sandbox, but with our ASAP tool, you can refresh the dashboards automatically.

By subscribing to AuditZoom, you will save a lot of time by getting you to your destination quicker and at the same time be in charge of your data analytics projects within your organization.

What is the AuditZoom platform?

AuditZoom is an Azure-based platform that has 300 dashboards for SAP and is powered by QLIK. It has one dashboard per must-have data analytic, organised by each business process: financial reporting, purchase to pay, order to cash, inventory, fixed assets, human resources and user access.

Why should you subscribe to AuditZoom?

You can fast forward your SAP data analytics because we have created a platform that you can log on to and it only requires a subscription. You don’t need to do Call For Tender. The dashboards are also dynamic, meaning you can change the view, filter and download details to Excel.
How does AuditZoom work?
The AuditZoom platform contains one page for each of the 300 must-have data analytics that are mentioned in our books. It is built based on data from our SAP sandbox. You can replace that SAP sandbox data to your own data at any moment in order to refresh the dashboards to be relevant to your own entity. AuditZoom is powered by QLIK and so the dashboards are very efficient in terms of user response time, and they are also dynamic in terms of filtering and the ability to change the view and download information. AuditZoom is hosted by Azure and is protected with SSL.
How many SAP entities can I include in the AuditZoom platform?
The AuditZoom platform assumes that the data is coming from a single SAP instance. You may therefore include data in it from many different company codes, but only from one mandate. If you include data in the platform from many different mandates, then the results that you see may become confused.

In terms of users, each subscription to AuditZoom will be for one user account. This user account can only be used by one person at a time. If more than one person uses the same user account, then one of those people will get an access error message.

If you want to add a customized dashboard or you want to change something to one of the dashboards on AuditZoom then our team of QLIK experts for SAP will be more than happy to do that for you. Please email us at contact@aufinia.com and we can answer any questions or queries you have within 24 hours.
What are our customers saying about AuditZoom?

Maelle Jarlier, Centre Medical International

"I was desperately looking for a solution to import extraction from one accounting software into another one. Of course, both of the software was unable to speak the same language, so I first tried to do something with excel - and failed. I was thinking about changing software or hiring a full-time accountant to hand-write all my entries: both of which are costly and time-consuming. So I had nothing to lose to try this. I send my request on the website (took me maybe 15 minutes to describe precisely my needs). At the end of the day, I received some very powerful comments and questions. 24-hours, after I sent the query, 90% of the job, was done and I was confident that it was possible to do 100%. We continued to work together the whole week and it was really nice to work with Claire as she understood really deeply what I needed, and sent really accurate questions to validate her work.

We had succeeded in finishing the job by the end of the week, something that would have taken us 3 months to do manually. My accountant colleagues are talking now about the "magic tool"... I'm so happy that I'm considering the other services provided by the company as it seems to be really helpful for managers. "

Lauro Matias, EEI Corporation

"Aufinia is the most unique analytics partner of ours and is headed by Claire Worledge. Based in Vietnam, Aufinia specializes in Fraud Analytics - we just basically throw any data at her and her team can generate unique perspectives on potential fraud that may be happening based on that data. We have engaged them on a cloud analytics platform service which we hope to progress to more coverage. We thank Colin for having introduced Claire and Aufinia to us" 
AuditZoom: 300 dashboards for SAP, powered by QLIK

What you'll get with our tool today...

  • Instant access to 300 pre-populated dashboards with data from a SAP sandbox
  • Works seamlessly with SAP software
  • Automatically access to our SAP expert advise
  • Visually appealing & easy to understand
  • ​Once subscribed, you'll be able to refresh the dashboards of your choice with your own data
  • ​If you need to have the dashboards in-house, send us an email to contact@aufinia.com, we'd love to help you out!